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No Stomach Issues

I like this magnesium variation. I've tried others, and some seem to have me running to the bathroom, while others do not. This is one that doesn't have that effect on me, so I'm happy with it. You can't go wrong making sure you have sufficient magnesium intake, and I'm sure I don't get quite enough from my daily diet.Each pill in the bottle is 200mg. You can space them out if you want to take 400mg daily, just to help make sure you don't have any stomach trouble.

Veronica Zabala
Lo mejor!

Realmente encontré lo que buscaba en este frasco

Great value for a very bioavailable form of magnesium!

This is a great price for a long-lasting bottle of easy to swallow magensium capsules.. I love the chelated glycinate form which absorbs better... Most of us are deficient in magnesium and it's a cofactor for almost every metabolic pathway in the body, so great to supplement with. I would happily buy again and highly recommend!

Good dose for people with healthy varied diets, not enough for correcting deficiency

I ordered this because I need to take magnesium daily to correct a longstanding deficiency discovered last year (but likely existing for a decade or more before that, based on symptom history); since starting magnesium, much of my chronic muscle pain and fatigue has reduced to about 10% of what it was. While it can't reverse all of my issues, it's certainly keeping them from not being amplified, and that's a huge step--or more accurately, a great improvement in my max daily step count, from needing to recover for 36 hours after a 1,000 step day to only needing a recovery day if I've gotten over 9,000 steps! It may or may not help someone else that much, but it's essential for me; since it's so critical, I keep a stock of magnesium on hand and am always testing different supplements trying to find ones that are a great balance of cost and effectiveness.This one's about half my normal dose, so it's only a 45-day supply for me, making it a little less ideal, but still well within a reasonable cost per month, and far cheaper than the stack of medications I needed to treat the symptoms as the then-undiagnosed deficiency reduced my functionality and quality of life to a point where I was nearly bedbound.It's a great dose, however, for someone who eats a widely-varied diet which includes things like cashews and avocados as well as leafy greens, and is likely only missing a small amount of the daily recommended intake. It comes in capsules which are, of course, fairly easy to swallow and unlikely to get stuck like tablets can, but can also be taken with something like yogurt or applesauce to make them slide down even more easily. And since it's packaged in capsules, there's very little in the way of smell or taste.

Great quality vitamins

Easy to swallow. Use once a day and enjoy the benefits. Great quality vitamins that have great benefits.