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On the Spot Massage Academy
Good quality and easy to take

Good quality ingredients, east to take, and is a good value.

Rosella Susan Byers
Interesting combination - contains caffeine and magnesium stearate

This is a interesting combination of some vitamins and also some potent herbs like moringa leaf, and african mango seed leaf, as well as L-theanine and caffeine. You can take fewer capsules per day (the dosage is 3) if you prefer less caffeine. I would like to see this formula without magnesium stearate. The capsules are easy to swallow and do not cause any digestive distress. They do indeed seem to provide a boost.

Not doing much for me

I have been taking these for about a week now and unfortunately I don't really feel any benefit from them. I was hoping they would help curb my appetite but so far they have not. I don't really notice any energy boost either. I will take them for another week to see if I notice any change and update my review if I do.

Fit PharmKatFit PharmKat
Seems to have all the right ingredients

The Diet Cap is loaded with good stuff for weight loss. It’s got a decent amount of caffeine and L-theanine, which boosts the caffeine effect without causing jitters. Caffeine increases metabolism, which helps with weight loss. Weight loss is stressful, and The Diet Cap contains B vitamins for stress support in addition to a proprietary blend of antioxidant rich herbs like moringa oleifera, turmeric, and murraya koenigii. It also contains a high dose of saffron for appetite suppression, which aids weight loss. Finally, there is 300mg of African mango in the mix, another herb used to support weight loss.Altogether this formula seems like a winning combination, and The Diet Cap seems like a worthwhile weight loss investment.I have been taking this supplement for a few days now without any side effects to report. I take the capsules around noon so it’s in my system before lunch & dinner. I definitely noticed a reduction in appetite from the first day on and have not experienced my usual afternoon snack urges. That’s already a win for me! That makes me confident the product is working!Additional product confidence comes from derived from the made in USA & FDA inspected logos.

Alesya Tkachenko
Doesn’t Work

Don’t waste your money on this item. It doesn’t do anything at all, not the slightest bit.Unfortunately you can’t return it.